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Daily Post: The Original Sensation

Let’s Kick Up Our Heals!

Daily Prompt Suggested Singular Sensation so what else could I put  for Dance Around Friday! This final number from Chorus Line is reminiscent of old-time Hollywood movies especially those spectacular put out by Busby Berkeley. Have you seen the ones where the stage rises up and spins around then opens to a diving platform  and a dancer plummeting into a pool below followed by the chorus line. Now that is a Singular Sensation  Ok now I  have to find a Mr Berkeley production on YouTube for you.
Before I go there, I think it’s important to remember that the story line of A Chorus Line is about the struggles of young dancers just to be a member of the  great multitude of dancer in such a production, and there in lies the irony.

Wow psychedelic man! As they use to say in Berkeley. Dose all those images take your breath away like it does mine? CERTAINLY IS A SENSATION!! and maybe that is what those dancers wanted to be a part of all along.

I publish this on my daily blog Light Words but it never shows up in the pingbacks??? Yes I authorize it. any ideas why. Enjoy

Daily Post

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