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Daily Post: Looking At Homelessness

Homeless woman washing hair in the gutter in SF

Homeless woman washing hair in the gutter in San Francisco.

At a stop light I saw this woman washing her by pouring bottled water over it while she stood in street. She was careful to stand over the  grate to not make a mess. There was so much dignity and self assurances in her action it took me a second to realize that what I was witnessing was not normal in my world.

Blogging for the cause of homelessness is something I can see myself doing even with photography. We support a local soup kitchen I will have to figure out how to incorporate that into my post. Any Ideas?  Street photography takes on a whole new meaning when photographing the homeless!

Here is a second more intimate look telling a different story.  Which picture do you prefer?

Same picture edited in photo toaster.

Same picture edited in photo toaster.

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10 thoughts on “Daily Post: Looking At Homelessness

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  2. I guess the man walking by with not really a second glance…really shows a lot about our complacency these days…so sad…but, we just don’t know what to do…

  3. blogging about the homeless is good. most people want to close their eyes and not see the homeless. Opening the eyes of America is an important focus. I will stand with you. Both pictures together tell the whole story. Blessings, Barbara

    • Thanks for the support, Barbara. Here’s a comment I made to a friend who commented in light words about not understanding how and why there are homeless. Maybe I should post this.
      “The reasons for homelessness are numerous as the people that live on the street. Before a new shelter was built our church took turns with otter churches taking in homeless. There were a lot of families with children, parents had lost their homes. In California you need a lot of money just to rent a cheep apartment, plus references and first and last months rent. On minimum wage that is hard. I can start preachin’ about how Nevada gives homeless bus tickets to California and and and…”

  4. Reblogged this on idealisticrebel and commented:
    It is time to open your eyes and see the suffering here in America.

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