Slam on the Brakes, Pull Over, Take the Picture

Phoneography: Black and White Challenge What is it?

1 abstract?

1 abstract cropped filed and scanned

2 Abstract /cropped and filtered
2 Abstract /cropped and filtered


Lens and Pens Challenges me to push the boundaries of non traditional cameras I edited the daylights out of one photo from my iPhone4s and came up with these two images. Want to guess what it is you are seeing. After you guess you can go to the Previous post for an answer. I of course want to know your guesses.

I Carol Carlisle of Lightwords am using my, rarely uses, street photography blog for this post just for fun today.

Here are other entries for this week’s challenge:

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12 thoughts on “Phoneography: Black and White Challenge What is it?

  1. Welcome to the challenge. I’m pleased to have you join the fun. Really enjoyed your abstractions, which work well in monochrome. Happy Phoneography Monday.

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  3. The first one has a graphic quality to it 🙂

  4. Amar Naik on said:

    nice clicks for this challenge

  5. Very interesting choice to abstract! (I went back to see what it was) All I could think of was armadillo… go figure. 😉 Well, at least I got the organic part right! Happy B&W Phoneography Monday… on Tuesday.

    • Armadillo I can see where you got that! I cropped a tiny piece of the wing to get this and played with scanner and filters so does just becomes a landscape almost! Thanks for the comment,

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