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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow Play

Shadow Man on Stairs to nowhere.

Shadow Man on Stairs to nowhere.

Shadows can tell a story different story then what you originally intended often about the dark side. They also can play tricks on you. Here I was trying to capture the interesting architecture of Monterey Bay Aquarium in the afternoon light but when I looked at it later I had also captured what appears to be *Kokopelli  climbing the stairs to nowhere. Curious, this Southwest native must have been on vacation for New Years.

*Kokopelli |ˌkōkəˈpeli|
a fertility god of the southwestern Native American culture. Depicted as a hunchbacked flute player, he is known as a playful prankster and storyteller.

Who does he look like to you?

Weekly Photo Challenge

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow Play

  1. the shadow on the steps is great!

  2. Maybe a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

  3. LOL – glad you mentioned the shadow – I wouldn’t have seen it and it’s PERFECT!!!

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