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Smack-Dab In the Middle of Spring

12:44 on Spring Equinox

12:44 on Spring Equinox

Wow Onion

Wow Onion

Fresh Cut Flowers

Fresh Cut Flowers

thee challenges come together today for me, WP Fresh,Where’s My Backpack, SpringPhoto a Week Dead Center, I like the idea of dead center for Spring Equinox, the day when the the is smack-dab in the middle of the equator. A time when the days and nights are equal in length. A time of balance when there is no need to work hard at fitting my image into the “golden mean.”

Deco Crafts turned me onto the Photo a Week and Where’s My Backpack, thanks you.

Which photo do you like?

How do you feel about Spring springing?

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9 thoughts on “Smack-Dab In the Middle of Spring

  1. Reblogged this on Light Words and commented:

    More Spring from me on my totally photo blog

  2. no way I can choose…all so good!

  3. A great selection of photos. I love the sun dial and that last image is amazing. Stunning.

  4. So you have two blogs, I guess, Carol. Nice shots.


  5. Great images. Thanks for joining the challenge!

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